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what is shatkarma

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Do Shatkarma actions for purification of the body and freedom from diseases :

 All the activities of yoga practice have their own importance. But the Shatkarmas have their own importance. For success in yoga practice, it is necessary to clean and purify the body through Shatkarma. Without its practice, if a person practices yoga, he has to face more difficulties in achieving success in yoga.

 Shatkarma means six actions, these are the six purification actions mentioned in Hatha Yoga. There are three types of doshas in our body ? Vata, Pitta and Kapha which can happen to anyone in general. There are many such purification activities in yoga, through which we can get rid of these doshas and other diseases.

 Neti, Kapalbhati, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti and Tratak Kriya come under Shatkarma Kriya. Here we are going to tell you about the purification process and its benefits. But these activities are very difficult, so they should be practiced under the guidance of experienced Yogacharya, and they should be done at home only after getting well practiced.

Know the method and benefits of Shatkarma Kriyas:

 Neti Kriya: 

 Neti is of type Kriya. This is a process used for cleaning the organs of the respiratory system. Doing this also makes it easier to do pranayama.

 Sutra Neti :

 To do this, take a thick and soft thread which can easily go through the nostril. Soak it in lukewarm water and put one end of it in the nostril and try to come out of the mouth. This leads to internal cleansing of the nose and throat. Eyes, teeth and ears become healthy.

 Jal Neti :

 As its name suggests, we have to use water in this process. That's why it is called Jal Neti Kriya. To do this, water is drunk slowly through the nostrils. For this, instead of a normal vessel, a tubular vessel should be used, so that it is easy to drink water easily. But you don't have to pull your nose. By doing this you may experience trouble.

 Kapal Neti :

 This verb is different from other verbs. To do this, drink water from the mouth and come out of the nose.

 The heaviness of the brain ends by the practice of these actions, due to which the mind remains calm, light and healthy. With regular practice of this kriya, the nasal passages get cleaned. Along with this, relief from all diseases of nose, ear, teeth, throat etc. is given. By doing this, there is no complaint of cold-cold and cough.

 Kapalbhati :

 In this, the pranayama posture of the hand is made by sitting upright in Siddhasana or Padmasana. After this, the breath is taken out with a loud jerk. While doing this, the stomach first goes outwards and then it is pulled inwards and applied towards the spinal cord. This action is repeated many times. Due to this the increased amount of carbon dioxide present in the body comes out and oxygen is supplied to the internal organs of the body. Doing this action repeatedly with force is called Vatakarma Kapalbhati. Kapha related defects are also removed by its practice.

 This pranayama enhances the glow of your face by removing wrinkles and dark under eyes. All types of diseases of teeth and hair are cured. Body fat is reduced. It is beneficial in the problem of constipation, gas, acidity. All kinds of negative elements and thoughts of the body and mind are erased.

 Dhauti Kriya :

 There are twelve types of Dhauti Kriya. Practicing this kriya is the easiest and safest and very beneficial. By doing this, the pulse net inside the body becomes pure and the body becomes light and healthy. Blood circulation starts properly inside the body. This method is used to remove stomach disease. Its practice cures many diseases like acidity, asthma, problems related to breathing, spleen, gout, gastritis etc.

Basti Kriya :

 This action is of two types ? water settlement and land settlement. Water is contracted inside the anus in Jal-Basti Kriya. In this process, the stool present in the large intestine is taken out with the help of water. Whereas in Sthala Basti, the rectum is contracted in Ashwini posture. In this process, air is taken in through the anus and it is expelled. It is also called Pawan Basti. By this action, the digestive system becomes disease free and appetite increases.

 It is used for cleaning the anus. Sadhak puts a tube with oil in his anus and performs Uddiyanabandha by sitting in a large vessel filled with clean water till the knee. When he opens the uddiyabandha, the water starts filling slowly in the large intestine towards his anus.

 After this, when he applies Uddiyanabandha again, the water slowly starts coming out from his stool. Due to this the large intestine and anus are cleaned and the diseases related to them are removed. This benefit is also obtained by taking enema.

 There is also another type of settlement which is called dry settlement or wind settlement. Lie down in the same way as told in Bahanisar Dhauti. Compress the stool door several times and release it loose. Due to this the digestive power of the body increases and the body becomes strong.

 Tratak Kriya :

 Tratak Kriya is a simple action. To do this, keep looking at the light of any one point, candle or lamp for as long as you can without dropping your eyelid. After that close the eyes. Practice this for some time. This action is used for problems related to eyes and to get out the frozen mucus or phlegm in the chest.

 Nauli Kriya :

 The act of moving the stomach is called Nauli or Nauli Kriya. While doing this action, the stomach looks like a tube. Hence it is called Nauli Kriya.

 To do this, keep the body straight while keeping both the knees pressed with both the hands in the position of Padmasana. After this, take the breath out and pull it inwards leaving the empty stomach muscles loose. After this, leaving the muscles loose, rotate the stomach from right to left. By doing this, no kind of dirt remains in the stomach.

 Today you know Shatkarma in Hindi, this action is beneficial for us both physically and mentally. But it is very difficult. Therefore it should be done only after learning well from a yoga guru.


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