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what is concealer how to apply concealer

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Concealer is the most effective makeup product for concealing dark circles, blemishes and acne.

 How to choose concealer according to skin type?

  The main function of concealer is to enhance the complexion of the darker parts of the skin. It can also be used along with dark circles, darkened skin around the nose and mouth, to hide acne and dark spots. There are two main types of concealers that can be used for different skin types. Both types of concealers are explained in detail below.

 1. Cream Concealer :

 This type of concealer has a creamy texture. It works well for normal to oily skin. Being creamy, it can help to cover dark circles completely. This type of concealer can also be used to correct discoloration along with dark circles.

  2. Liquid Concealer :

  These concealers are liquid in texture and can be used for dry skin. They are very light weight and can be helpful in keeping the skin moist. It is easy to apply them and blend them into the skin. Being liquid, they absorb easily into the skin and can help provide light to full coverage on dark spots.

 How to choose a concealer according to the problem?

  As we mentioned above, concealer can be used for dark circles as well as other facial problems (darkened skin, acne and dark spots). Different colored concealers are used for all these problems. These are also commonly called color correctors. If one has multiple problems, multiple color correctors can be used on the same face. All these are explained in detail below.

  1. For dark circles :
  In some types of dark circles, the skin under the eyes starts turning blue. For this type of problem, mixing orange and yellow color correctors can be used. It will help in reducing the dark circles by improving the complexion under the eyes. If the skin tone is light, then a lighter shade of these colors will be used. At the same time, if someone's skin color is dark, then the dark shade of these colors will be used.

  2. For acne :

  Pimples and the skin around it often turn red. In this case, a green color corrector can be used for the skin there. It helps in normalizing the redness of the affected area.

  3. For Dark Spots :

  For dark spots, a color corrector of orange or peach color can be applied with a simple concealer. They help to hide the dark spots and improve the complexion of the skin due to acne, pigmentation or any other reason.

 The right way to apply concealer
 Below is a step by step guide on how to apply concealer, with the help of which you can apply concealer like a professional makeup artist.

  1. Prepare the face :

  First wash the face with the help of face wash and exfoliate with the help of scrub. Now pat it dry with a towel and apply moisturizer. Now following the correct method of applying primer, apply primer on the face. This will help the makeup to last longer.

  2. Hide Dark Circles

  Now mix the color corrector of orange and yellow color and apply it on the dark circles under the eyes. For this, draw a line under the eyes and then according to the length of the dark circle, make a V-shape by bringing the concealer towards the cheeks. This will give full coverage. Now blend it with the help of a beauty blender.

  3. Redness around the nose

  If there is acne on the face or the skin around the nose has turned red, then use a green color corrector. Apply it on the affected area with the help of finger and blend it by patting with the help of beauty blender.

  4. For Dark Spots :

  For dark spots, blemishes or any other marks on any part of the skin, apply orange or peach color corrector according to your skin tone. Apply a small amount of it on the affected area with the help of fingers or brush and then blend it.

  5. Set Makeup :

  After covering the dark spots all over the face with different colored color correctors, the face can look a bit colored. In that case there is nothing to panic. In such a situation, apply a small amount of foundation on your face and blend it on the face with the help of a beauty blender. Even after this, if dark circles or dark spots are visible, then you can cover them with the help of liquid concealer. Finally, set your makeup with loose powder.

 Can I use concealer as a foundation?

  Many people think that concealer can also be used as a foundation, but it is not. Actually, both are used for different things. While concealer helps conceal dark circles and dark spots, foundation creates a base for makeup.

  Some more tips and precautions for applying concealer
  Try to always apply concealer in sunlight. This will let you know how much concealer is needed.
  Instead of applying concealer dots under the eyes, draw triangles (as described in the How to Apply Concealer). Applying this way makes it easy to spread and absorb    into the skin.
  If you want, you can apply a little concealer on the eyes before applying eyeshadow. This will help the eyeshadow to last longer.
  After lip balm, instead of lip primer, concealer can be used on the lips. This will prevent the lipstick from spreading and help it stay on for a long time.
  Always pat and blend the concealer after applying it.
  If the concealer starts creasing due to sweating, then pat it with the help of a tissue and blend it.
  Always choose the concealer according to your skin and problem.
  Never use a local concealer. Always use a good and reliable brand product.


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