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Weight gain Diet Chart

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Weight Gain Diet Chart 

If you want to be healthy, then it is important to keep your weight balanced. People whose weight is balanced according to their age and height, they enjoy a healthy life. Therefore, as much as it is important to reduce obesity, equally important is the weight gain. Often people give advice to reduce obesity, but no one talks about increasing the low weight. Underweight people not only look weak, but their personality also does not look attractive. We have come up with a weight gain diet chart for lean people, following which it will help them to gain weight.

Diet Chart for Weight Gain 

 What to eat at meal time (Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian).  7am-8am before breakfast
 Full fat milk tea with sugar.  If one does not drink tea, then almond milk can be taken.  Breakfast 8am-9am
 Eat two pieces of multigrain bread and an omelet with low-fat butter.
 Instead, you can eat a bowl of oatmeal, corn flakes or porridge with vegetables.
 If you want, you can also eat poha, upma and khichdi by adding various vegetables.
 Eating two chapatis or two parathas with vegetables can also prove beneficial.
 Choose any one of the various options mentioned above and consume the fruit with it.  Brunch 10am-11am
 Consume a glass of full fat milk shake or you can take protein shake.  Instead of this, you can also eat full fat curd.  Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm
 One bowl of vegetables and lentils with two chapatis and one bowl of rice.  Add ghee to vegetables and lentils and you can also apply ghee on chapatis.
 Non-veg eaters can have two pieces of chicken/one fish/egg/paneer with chapati and rice.
 Take a salad of cucumber, carrot and cabbage with lunch.
 You can also take a bowl of curd as well.  Evening Snack 5:30pm-6:30pm
 Veg/Non Veg Soup with Butter
 You can also eat a sandwich with cheese or mayonnaise.  Dinner 8:30pm-9:30pm
 The diet which was taken in lunch, can be eaten in the same way at night, but do not eat rice at night.  10:30pm-11pm before bedtime
 Drink a glass of milk.      

 Other Tips for Weight Gain - 


 Body weight largely depends on calories.  While fewer calories are needed to lose weight, more calories should be taken to gain weight.  If a person is troubled by low weight, then regularly 2000-2200 calories can be taken.

 What to do :

 Include broccoli, cabbage, carrots, spinach, pumpkin and eggplant in your diet.

 Adding red meat to the diet can also be beneficial.  Keep in mind that do not eat it in excess, otherwise the cholesterol level may increase.

 Whatever salad you eat, put some olive oil on it.  This will not only enhance the taste of the salad, but also increase the nutritional value.

 Consuming dairy products daily can also provide an adequate amount of calories.  Try to always consume fat-rich milk and curd.

 How is it beneficial?

 Calorie intake is considered important for health.  Calorie means energy.  When one consumes calorie-rich food, the required energy is supplied in the body, due to which the body becomes more active than before (1).

 Note: Do not eat fast food in the name of increasing the calories in the food.  It may cause harm instead of benefit.

 Increase the amount of food -

 By increasing the dosage in a balanced amount, weight can also be increased.  For this, you can eat small amounts of food six times a day instead of three and it can be beneficial to consume calorie-rich foods every time.  Eating too much in one go can spoil the digestive system and instead of gaining weight, a person can become a victim of other diseases.  Eating small and frequent meals will also digest food and its effect can also be seen on the body.

 What to do :

 For breakfast, you can eat a bowl of fruit and bread with butter.  If someone does not like normal butter, then peanut butter or paneer can be used instead.

 Snacks can include dry fruits, boiled vegetables or cheese sandwiches.

 If someone likes something other than this, then they can also consume it, but keep in mind that it should be healthy.  Also, it should not be oily at all.

 How is it beneficial?

 By eating something or the other, energy remains in the body.  Due to this, the person remains active all the time and can do his work with full capacity (2).  Eating too much in one go can cause lethargy in the body and also upset stomach.

 More Protein -

 Along with calories, protein is also needed to gain weight.  The body gets energy by consuming protein-rich foods.  In addition, the muscles also become stronger, as weak muscles are not able to bear the extra weight.

 What to do :

 Eggs, fish, chicken, lentils, sprouts and dairy products are considered the major sources of protein.

 Fish like tuna and mackerel are rich in oil and consuming it helps in gaining weight.

 How is it beneficial?

 Proteins contain amino acids, which strengthen muscles.  Therefore, protein-rich foods are essential for gaining muscle mass and weight (3) (4).

 Healthy Fats -

 In order to gain weight, it is also necessary to consume a limited amount of fat.  Healthy fats are needed for muscle growth and hormones such as testosterone.  It can also help increase the metabolic rate, which can help the body flush out bad fats and retain good fats.  Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are considered good for health.  This type of fat can be found from nuts, green leafy vegetables, flaxseed oil, avocado oil and other seed oils.  Also, let us tell you that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are also needed for good health.  In this sense, if someone is thinking of gaining weight, then do not ignore the good fats (5).

 Weight Gain Supplements -

 Some people are overly weak.  It is important for such people to take nutritious foods and regular exercise as well as take weight gain supplements.  Such supplements should be taken only on the advice of a doctor, because only a doctor can tell in a better way what kind of supplements will be beneficial according to health.

 What to do :

 There are many types of protein shakes and supplements available in the market.  They can be consumed by adding them to milk or smoothies.  Be sure to consult a doctor before taking supplements, as not all supplements will necessarily suit everyone.  It is possible that some supplements may worsen health rather than improve.

 How is it beneficial?

 Explain that adding supplements to the routine can increase the body mass index.  Also, muscle development can also happen (6).

  What to eat

 full fat milk

 Beans, lentils and other protein-rich foods

 fruits and vegetables

 healthy fats and oils


 good and healthy sweet

  Yoga -

 Yoga is the only cure for many problems.  Yoga has benefits for reducing weight, apart from this, yoga can also be helpful in increasing weight.  If someone includes yoga in his routine along with diet chart for weight gain, then he can get more benefits than others.  Yoga can not only reduce stress, but can also improve the energy level in the body.  In addition, yoga also improves the digestive system, which can increase appetite. 

relieve stress -

Stress is the root of more than half of the problems.  Whenever one is under stress, the weight may be more or less.  There may also be other types of physical problems as well.  Therefore, if someone is thinking of gaining weight, then first of all he should try to get out of stress.  Meditation can be done to relieve stress.  Apart from this, you can listen to dance or any music of your choice.

 Adequate Sleep -

 Of course, eating a healthy and balanced diet, doing regular exercise and yoga, and taking the necessary supplements are beneficial, but getting enough sleep is also important to give the body complete rest.  Experts also say that to stay fit and healthy, it is necessary to sleep for seven to eight hours daily.  With this, the exhaustion of the day can be removed and the body can be ready to work with full energy the next day.

 Motivate Yourself -

 There is no doubt that gaining weight is harder than losing weight.  Therefore, increase the diet and exercise as much as the body can tolerate.  If someone does more than his capacity, then instead of benefit, there may be harm.  Along with this, it is also important to be patient, because it is good only if the weight increases gradually.  According to experts, if a person takes the weight gain diet chart continuously for 30 days, then his weight can increase by about one and a half kilos per month.  If someone's weight increases more than this in a month, then it can prove to be harmful for health.  Keep in mind that every person's body and its needs are different.  Therefore, everyone should set their goals according to their health.  Diet chart and rules may be different for women to gain weight.


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