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If you are a writer and struggling to monetize your work, you have found your solution. If you are a business and want to business to increase by manifolds, you are at the right place too. We, at ConnectClue, are your 1 solution for everything you are struggling with. You are bound to touch every height you have ever imagined if you are here with us. ConnectClue is a website that provides various services through the medium of Blog and Article Writing. We make sure that your efforts don't go to waste and every Blog that you write, creative or Business related, reaches the right audience and helps you earn along with being known to a crowd you have only dreamt about yet. Yes, that's right. We are here to make all your dreams come true.

With this comes a question, How? and What is there for us in this?

We understand the struggle and competition of today's market and the gap that has come between the audience and the service providers. We, at ConnectClue, are trying to bridge the same Gap through the medium of writing. Now, how you ask? It's pretty simple. Just make good quality content and start blogging with us here. We make sure that your content reaches as far as possible and we have a viewership from all around the world. We also help you earn through your blogs according to the viewership that you get so that your efforts are rewarded right there. Not just us, we also provide free Ads, sponsorships, free business marketing, and a lot more. 
If this excites you, to understand about our services more, keep reading further:

1. Earn While Writing

In times like these, everybody is struggling financially at least a little bit. Would you feel better if we tell you that everything you write can help you earn as well? We, at ConnectClue, help you earn through what you write. All you have to do is prepare good, appealing content and you are already halfway there. Post your content on our website and share it with your friends and family and that is all. 

We'll pay you as much as your content is viewed because viewership matters. If people like what they read, they'll share it further away as well. Not just that, we have a reach of 10k views every day too. Being a writer all you have to do is write good content and nothing else, we'll take care of everything from there for you.
2. Pure Organic Traffic

These days, it is a struggle to find a good and organic viewership for what you write. We can understand that if what you write doesn't reach the audience that is good enough, it feels as if the efforts you put in are going to waste and are left unappreciated. Not just that, these days, everybody is creating art that might shadow your work and the attention that you are looking for might not come to you.

As a solution for that, we are here. ConnectClue has a reach of 10 thousand viewers every day from India, the USA, and Europe. Our viewership is completely organic and dedicated. There is competition but it doesn't affect you as the traffic that we have comes here to read and read everything that they like.

3. Get Paid for Each Blog

It is not like a job that you will be paid monthly. We pay you for every blog that you would write on our platform. Yes, ConnectClue is a platform that rewards its writers with every penny that they deserve. Not just that, with this, comes the concept of Guest Blogging. If you are not a full-time blogger but want to give it a try, you can go for guest blogging with us as well. Our Guest Bloggers are given the same attention as our permanent bloggers.

Now, you must have a question about how do we know how much to pay?

We have a fixed slab that is, for every 1 thousand views that your blog or article gets, we pay you with 10usd. So, as much as you post and as many views as you can get, you'll be paid for it all.
4. Viewership from all around the world

Who doesn't want to get famous? No one. Everybody wants to be famous and be known worldwide through whatever they do. Conventional jobs that we have been preparing for since the time we were born might pay well but is that enough for us anymore? We desire for a lot more that is we want to be known and bring changes to the already existing norms and rules. We want to be known by not just our neighbors but even people from far away, people from abroad. 

When you start blogging with us, this is exactly what you get. Our viewership consists of people from not just India but the USA and parts of Europe as well. You can earn a viewership from places that you have always wished for and this is your chance for that.

5. Get to know your Competition better

When you look around you, do you notice a lot of competition? Does it discourage you to see that someone is better than you? Do you feel that it would have been great if you could talk to them and get to know their ways better? Do you feel that knowing your competition is a good idea and helpful? We have answers to all those questions. 

There is a lot of competition around these days as everybody is as creative as they can be and that can be discouraging at times. But fear no more. At ConnectClue, you can get to know your competition better. You can interact with them and help each other grow instead because promote healthy competition.


6. Benefits of Business Blogging with ConnectClue

Now, here is the fun part. We don't just provide a platform to creative writers, we can help you grow your business as well. If you share your business with us through the medium of blogging, it reaches an international audience and helps you grow by manifolds. You can also add your website links in your blogs and it'll help you get organic traffic from your location as well as worldwide. It'll also make it easy for your targeted audience to reach you through the website that you'll share.

Wait, there is more to this.

ConnectClue also provides free marketing to all its business bloggers which can even solve your marketing problems. All you have to do is join us as a Business Blogger or Guest Blogger and share your idea with us as soon as you can. We'll make sure that it reaches the right audience and helps you grow.

7. Sponsorship

Ever heard of the concept of Sponsorship? Have you ever seen it? Sponsored? written on the top of blogs and articles of some writers? That is what we mean by sponsorship. We sponsor a lot of blogs and articles as it helps your work reach a far better audience and increases your viewership. It also helps you gain more organic traffic and viewership that is interested in the work that you are putting forward and appreciates you for the same. 

8. Free Ads to Increase Your Reach

When you are surfing online just for some news articles or some work, have you ever noticed that there are several ads that keep coming up and appearing on every side of your screen? Have you ever wondered about what those ads are about and clicked on one of them because it seems interesting? Advertisements are a major part of a promotion. Visual aids always stay in the minds of people for a longer time and attract them. So here we are with free Advertisements for you. 

You just have to make a blog and we'll promote it through several visual aids and advertisements just like the way you see several ads when you are surfing through various websites during your day. It'll help you gain more people who are truly interested in what you are writing.

If you are still not satisfied, just pay us a visit and be a guest blogger. We treat our guest bloggers with the utmost respect and they have all the benefits as our permanent blogger. Not just that, you can also get help for any small or big business that you might have been planning since your childhood. We are at your service for all that you need. Reliable crowd, free marketing, monetizing writing, global viewership; you name it and we have it i.e. we are all in and we can help you grow as well if you plan on being all in as well.
We are sure that we can make it worthwhile. All the services that we provide are not easily accessible in one place but here we are with everything you need. You will not regret being a blogger of ConnectClue.


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