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Winter skin care Tips

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Winter season has started.  Due to the cold air in this season, the natural moisture of the skin starts getting lost.  Due to this the skin becomes dry and the problem of itching starts on the skin.  Not only this, other skin-related problems including eczema, psoriasis also increase in the winter season. In this season, the skin is usually affected due to the use of heaters and blowers.  This is the reason that for healthy and glowing skin, special care has to be taken in winters

 1. Moisturize the skin - To maintain the glow on the skin in winter, the skin should be moisturized well.  It is one of the most important skin care products in this season.  Moisturizer not only hydrates the skin but it also retains the natural oil.  Buttermilk including coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil can also be used to moisturize the skin.

 2. Drink plenty of water - In winter, whether you stay at home or stay at your workplace, the air is dry.  Due to this, the water present in the body evaporates easily.  In such a situation, it becomes necessary that you maintain the level of moisture in the skin. Therefore, consume a glass of water every hour.  Apart from this, keep a vessel filled with water in your house.  This will retain moisture in the atmosphere.  It will be better for your skin.

 3. Choose Skin Care Products Carefully - Skin care products which take care of the skin in summer, it is not necessary that they work better in winter season also.  That is why it is important that you change your skin care products according to the season.  The secret of getting healthy and glowing skin in the winter season is hidden in the choice of skin care products.  To wash the face in winter, use a cleanser that also contains moisturizer.  It retains excess moisture in the face and prevents dryness.  serums) etc. elements are present.  Apart from this, glycerin also proves to be very helpful in retaining the moisture present in the skin during the winter season. In addition to masks and face packs, oil-removing lotions should also be used limited in the winter season.  Apart from this, the use of alcohol based products can also dry the skin in winter.

 4-Wash the face with lukewarm water: Taking a hot shower in the winter season provides relief to the muscles.  But due to this the skin of the body becomes more dry many times.  Therefore instead of taking a hot shower daily, it is beneficial to wash the face with lukewarm water every day.  Due to this, the natural oil of the skin remains and the skin gets a wonderful glow.

 5. Do not over-exfoliate the skin: Exfoliating the skin brings out the dead cells.  But in the winter season the skin is already dry.  Exfoliating the skin excessively during this time can cause many problems related to the skin.  Therefore, exfoliate your skin only once a week during the winter season.

 6. Take a healthy diet: Usually, whatever we eat, its effect is visible on our skin.  In winter the skin loses its moisture.  In such a situation, fruits like strawberries, grapes, blueberries and cherries should be consumed in sufficient quantity to keep the skin healthy and improve the face.  These fruits have water content, which provides enough nutrients to the body.  Also the skin remains healthy.

  7. Clean the skin regularly: Follow a skin care routine in winters to keep the skin healthy and young.  Cleanse your skin twice in the morning and at night before sleeping.  After cleansing the skin, apply a good quality moisturizer in the morning and night cream at night.  This will retain the moisture of your skin in winter and will also enhance the face.  By adopting these simple tips, skin care can be done very easily in winters.  Due to this your skin will not be dry and the skin will remain glowing.

 8. Do not rub the skin too much scrubbing the face helps us to get rid of dead cells. But in the winter season, scrub on the face should be done very carefully. The reason for this is that due to the cold and dry weather of winter, the moisture content in the skin is already reduced.  If scrubbed once a week, it is fine.  It also increases the ability of new skin to form and skin care products.  Apart from this, it is also very important to understand your skin type before scrubbing the face.  If your skin is very dry, then a very mild scrub should be done on the skin.  If you have oily or mixed skin, it is safe to scrub once a week.  Whether the skin is dry or oily, the product should always be used according to the skin type.  Despite this, scrub should always be used very carefully.  If the skin is dry, then only a scrub with a fine scrubbing agent should be used. While oily or mixed skin people can also use a scrub with a slightly coarse scrubbing agent.  People with sensitive skin should not scrub without consulting a dermatologist. Scrubbing can harm their skin instead of benefit.


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