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Winter fashion Tips

Blog by Deepanjali keshari connectclue-author-image

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Trench Vest Coat - The trench vest coat is never out of fashion, it is evergreen.  Nowadays there are many new designs and dark colored trench vest coats in the market which will give you a classy look.

 Long coat with jeans  
Long coat or layered style is the first choice of girls in winters.  Wear a turtle neck sweater and long coat with fitted jeans.  Complete this style with medium high heel boots.  Together with light nude makeup, your look will be full of charm.

 Winter Essential Woolen Dress 
Woollen Dress for Winter in Hindi. You can also style woolen dress, it is also in trend nowadays.  This type of wool dress is fit for every occasion.  Like casual wear or party wear and if you want, you can also carry them as formal wear for shopping. Apart from the woolen one-piece dress, you can also mix and match woolen skirts and woolen long tops.  You can wear short sleeve tops or long sleeve tops with jeans or with skirts and stockings.
 Woolen Dress for Office Look
 For Woolen Dress Shopping Look
 Woolen Dress For Elegant Look
 Woolen dress for office look -

 Woolen Dress for Office Look 
Wear medium length woolen dress for office look.  Because its simple look looks very elegant.  You can carry this type of dress anytime and anywhere.  It is a bit loose so it is comfortable and you can wear it all day without worry.

 For Woolen Dress Shopping Look 
Wear this one piece woolen dress short length.  Put on short tights or leggings underneath and complete your look with sneakers or boots.  This yellow or purple color dress looks great on girls.  If you want, you can also put a denim jacket or short fabric jacket on it.  Complete your style with hanging earrings and a cap and light makeup.

 Woolen Dress for Elegant Look 
If you want to look absolutely elegant then wear a loose dress of black color.  To stylize this simple look, wear anything with leggings and stockings.  Make the look stylish by removing small silver colored earrings in the ears and applying lipstick only.

 Winter Essentials Black Warm Leggings 
How can we forget leggings among the most essential wardrobe essentials of winter.  Leggings not only protect against winter but can be paired with all kinds of fashions.  You can pair black colored leggings with a gray sweater or with a white long t-shirt.  Wearing a black leather jacket with it.  Do a blue colored eye liner and a hair style of tight colors.  You can also use lip balm or matte lipstick for makeup.
 warm tights with shot dress
 Long shirt with tights or leggings

 Warm Tights with Top 
Warm tights can be worn with any shot dress or with a top.  Tights are very trendy these days due to their innovative colors and patterns.  Be it with an Indian dress or a western dress, tights are always in fashion.  Tights are always comfortable to wear with a tea skirt or with a top or while jogging in the morning.

 Long shirt with tights or leggings 
If you want to get trendy smart look, then you can carry tights or leggings with a long shirt.  .  You can complete your look by wearing a scarf or cap and long boots with it.

 Winter Essentials Party Wear 
It is difficult to look fashionable when you have to go to the party in winter.  Let us know how to carry a dress in such an occasion curiosa work jacket bomber or velvet jacket
 turtle neck sweater
 Casual Party With Fans
 go on a dinner date

 Winter Essential Party Wear -
 It is difficult to look fashionable when you have to go to a party in winter.  Let us know how to carry a dress on such an occasion curiosa work jacket
 bomber or velvet jacket turtle neck sweater. Casual Party With Fans go on a dinner date. Winter Essential Party Wear

 crirosia work jacket -
 Nowadays, not only chicken work but also jackets with crochet work and Indo-western coats and long caps are making a splash in ethnic wear.  Just keep in mind that the winter wear outfit should be in color contrast with whatever wedding outfit you wear.  If heavy work has been done on the outfit, then along with wearing jewelry light, make-up also light nude.  It will strengthen your fashion statement.

 bomber or velvet jacket -
 If you want to go to a party, you can wear anything from a bomber jacket or a velvet jacket.  Together, you can attract everyone's eyes to the party by wearing clothes made of trousers, boots or blazers.

 turtle neck sweater -
 Pair your dress with a turtleneck sweater or top.  Its prints and colors will give you a more attractive look.  If you want to wear one piece dress then wear high neck sweater and stockings.  Along with this, long boots will give you a very glamorous look.

 Casual Party With Fans -
 Wear a short dress with a full sleeve top.  If you are feeling cold, wear a tight under short skirt and a jacket over the top. With boots and a stylish cap, your look will be completely stylish.

 go on a dinner date  -
 If you want to look cute and hot, then wear a cozy white jacket and black top, carry black tights and put on boots.  Don't forget to put on a Winnie cap to look extra cute.

 Other Important Winter Essentials
 The winter season brings with it bright sunshine, cool winds and pleasant weather.  Along with this, a lot of fashion options also.  Here we are telling about some such essential winter essentials that will add to your look.

 nude cardigan -
 If you like bell bottom pants then wear it with a high neck plain sweater.  Enhance the look with a nude cardigan over a sweater.  Complete this look with a side clutch hairstyle.  Add a fashionable touch to the look with eye shadow and blush makeup and medium-heeled sandals.

 winter caps -
 Women caps are very much in trend these days.  With love, you not only get stylish people, but you also stay away from the cold.  French beret Winnie cap, pom-pom winter cap, is the first choice of girls because of its stylish look.

 winter stole -
 Instead of shawls, stole is being carried with sari these days.  If you want a classy and elegant look then wear the stole with a saree.  It can also be worn in casual party wear.  Match the stall with the sari and it will not be too heavy work only then it will look stylish.

 lifestyle boots or shoes -
 In winters, we are left with very limited options in terms of footwear.  But nowadays there are many designer boots or shoes available in the market, which you can feel free to wear with any dress.  With shoes, you will not only look stylish and will also be saved from the cold.


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