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Winter Weeding Makeup Tips

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In winter, the skin starts to look dry, lifeless and pulled-pulled.  In such a situation, makeup in winter should be done very carefully.  You can look beautiful even in winters by trying Winter Makeup Tips.  Try these makeup tips to give the best effect to the skin with makeup in winter.

 1) Clean the face thoroughly before makeup, so that the dead cells are completely removed and the face is clearly visible.  But do not use soap for this, otherwise the natural oil of the face can be washed off with soap.

 2) Start makeup in winter with moisturizer.  For this, moisturize the face with a moisturizer for 4 to 5 minutes so that the skin becomes soft.

 3) Many treatments related to the skin can prove to be harmful in the future.  To make your skin glow, skin care should be started at least six weeks before the wedding.  In winters, the skin is prone to dark and dry, so apply the right foundation, use a liquid or creamy concealer and apply a concealer of light shade from the foundation. Use a creamy or oil based foundation for a glowing effect.  

4. Use highlighter instead of shimmer or glitter as the main aim should be to add glow to the face.  Bring out the bulge by applying highlighter on the nose.  Highlight the chin, forehead and main parts of the face.

 5) Use creamy eyeshadows, they look better than powder based ones.

 6) Instead of pencil eye liner or kajal, apply liquid eye liner.  They look more attractive.

 7) Apply a creamy or gel based blusher for a shiny effect.

 8) Apply glossy or moisturizing lipstick.  This will give a soft look to the lips.

 9) Use water based or oil based makeup products.  Avoid matte, powder and oil free makeup products.  This can make the skin look even more dry.

 10) Do not use face powder on the face by mistake in winter.  This can make your skin even more dry.


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