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Eight Limbs of Yoga | योग के आठ अंग

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Eight Limbs of Yoga | योग के आठ अंग :

1.Yam :
There are some rules of our society, by following the rules of genes, we make our behavior, we call the rules to those who maintain this behavior. According to these rules, we should never misbehave with anyone in the society. Neither one should be harassed nor should there be any kind of greed or greed. We should not do any such work which will cause any inconvenience to anyone because of us.
  From the description of the Acharyas, it is known that there are five types of Yamas. Which have been described in Jainism, these five are also called "Panch Mahavrat" in Jainism.

  Non-violence - The meaning of non-violence is to remain on the words and deeds of man, it has been called non-violence since ancient times.

  Truth - Truth is such a word that our soul gets peace, man is always taught the lesson of truth because truth only gives man the power to move forward, we should leave untruth and move forward with truth because truth is our soul. becomes pure and holy

  Asteya - When a person keeps his eyes on someone else's wealth, then it is called Asteya, if a person takes or gives theft, bribe, begging and brokerage, doing so is called Asteya.

  Aparigraha - The wealth that belongs to you and you get it honestly, then we call it Aparigraha, keeping the needy things with you is also called Aparigraha.
  That is, man should use only as much as he needs and keeping or collecting more things than necessary is called possessiveness.

  Brahmacharya - Brahmacharya is a word that can become a part of the life of every male human.

  2. Niyam 
Acharyas have made some rules to maintain yoga, which have been described after Yama and it is very important to have rules to maintain anything.
  These rules are not followed by the society but by the human body. By following these rules, the mind, body and mind of the human being becomes healthy and pure, like Yamo, these rules are also five.

  Shonch - By shocha, we mean maintaining the inner cleanliness of our body so that our body remains pure.

  Santosh - Santosh means satisfaction of the mind. For our mind, our body, what we should do with what we have got, that is, we should be satisfied in less things by not demanding more things. By getting satisfaction, we have the effect of peace and which destroys our sorrows.

  Tapa - In yoga, the meaning of tapas is with our mind, which we have to do when we give some kind of peace or satisfaction to our mind, then we call it mental or when we give peace to our body, mind, soul. We do it and the trouble we get is called tapas.

  Swadhyaya - This word is a kind of peace word which has been received from satsang, if we listen to satsang, then many of our problems are removed, by doing this our mind and mind get peace, due to this we also get sanskars. And it also awakens faith in our mind and mind.

  Ishwar Pranidhan God is considered the first in yoga, in yoga it is considered the most appropriate to meditate on God. needed.

 3.  Asanas 
Whatever yoga we do to keep our body healthy, we are called yoga asanas, doing these asanas increases the life of our body, our body remains healthy. The power of our body to work increases, due to which our body is able to do every work and our body becomes disease free.

  4. Pranayama
With Pranayama, we can stop our aging, with this action we can stimulate our mind, brain, and life together, this action is very important in giving strength to our body. The type is :-

 1. Completely taking up the life force

  2. take deep, deep breaths

  3. Keeping your soul in mind, meditate on God. There is a very difficult task which is very difficult to do but one who does this work. he becomes a successful man

 5. Pratyahara 
 By doing pratyahara, our mind becomes pure and clean. By doing this, all the senses of our body become clean.

  6. Dharana - Dharana is the secret of our successful life, whoever stays on Dharana, his life definitely becomes successful, by Dharana, our mind becomes pure and developed.

  7. Attention - Contemplating on something is called meditation. To fix your mind on any task is meditation.

  8. Samadhi 
By taking samadhi, you really have the effect of bliss. By taking samadhi, the truth arrives in man. By doing these eight actions, both body and soul become pure and pure. and will act in peace.


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