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Winter Season

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Winter is my favorite season. It begins after the fall and ends with the arrival of spring. I like this season because of its cool climate. Weather helps us stay healthy. This season lasts about three months. The nights are longer and the days are shorter in the Winter Season.  Winter is the months of Festivals. We celebrate many festivals like Christmas, Eid, New Year, Holi. During this season farmers grow rice, cauliflower, green peas, beans, green leafy vegetables etc. We wear woolen clothes this season to protect our bodies from the cold. The hilly areas are very beautiful in winter because everything is covered with snow and gives a scary look like scenery. In things, snow is as beautiful as pearls. As the weather is good, there are some challenges to face. It is very difficult to get out at night in winter.. The winter season creates more difficulties for poor people. They don't have many clothes to cover themselves.  They are forced to  spend their nights outside in the cold as they don't have home to stay.  

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The Importance of this Season

People like to take a morning walk because they get a fresh breeze in the winter and we can work hard this season, which is not so cheap in the summer. In winter we can work for hours without getting tired so easily.

People do not get sicker than in summer and other seasons. Snowdrops on the grass are like pearls. This season is also very important for farmers. Winter creates difficulties for poor people. They work without clothes all day.

 During winter, at the end of December all schools are normally taking down or completely closed. The nights are long and the days are shorter due to the sun disappear or may not seen. The sun arises late and set earlier. The cool morning gives pleasant feel. People like to drink hot tea, coffee, and seating at the front of fire.
In extreme winters days people need some sunshine. Many people burn woods and paper on the road side and also at the front of the house to get warm their body. In urban areas people use heaters to get warm their rooms.

In the mountainous areas, people provided by snow during winter only. Heavy snowfall cover the road by making a thick sheath on the road. They remove the thick snow ice form machinery vehicles. The snow of winters enhanced by the Christmas. It brings the holidays spirit for people and it is appreciated all over the world.

But this season also bring a problem for the farmers and people who do not have shelter. Animals are also suffered form winter. Hundreds of homeless poor people die due to the coldest winters. As the animals who do not have shelter, they may lose their life. Many of them survived in the coldest conduction. This does not impact on the importance of winter. Peoples are aware to survive in the weather if our country.

Cold wintertime brings people together, people sulk for warmth, love, and connection. The winter holyday provides big family meals, endless gratitude, and it just seems like time gradually move a little bit decrease than usual. When first cold season breeze blows through the trees make us happy and gives pleasant feel like magic of the air.

Children love cold season because this season provide lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. The yielding of fresh fruits and vegetables increased like fresh grapes, apples, orange cauliflowers, carrots, capsicums radish etc. Apart from fruits and vegetables so many beautiful flowers are blossom at the ending winters. This make winter more beautiful as it already is.
Specially, in the morning when we come from house, we see dew on the flower. We also love to walk on gasses that is very beneficial for our eyes and also for health. Apart form this, no lizards are found on the walls because they go in deep sleep which is also known as hibernation. This makes people happy and fearless in their home.

Although winter have its positive side and negative side, but without any excuse winter occurs every year.

Last updated: Nov 14, 2021

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