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How to treat earlobe at home naturally

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Reduce Ear Hole Size Naturally at Home/ How to treat earlobe at home naturally
How to Reduce Ear Hole Size Naturally at Home?
To reduce the size of the ear hole caused by the extra pressure on the ear lobes you can try out the following remedies.

 Ear hole treatment at home कानों के छिद्र छोटे कैसे करेHome remedy by  Robineetu vlogs - YouTube
1. Toothpaste and Surgical Tape to reduce ear hole sizeHow to reduce ear hole size naturally at home with toothpaste! [Guaranteed  Result within a week] - YouTube
This remedy can effectively shrink down the pierced ear hole size. Cut a small piece of surgical tape and stick it to the back of the ear hole on the ear lobe.
Now take an adequate amount of toothpaste and fill up the hole. Keep it overnight and the next morning; wash your ear lobes with plain water.
To avoid dryness you can apply moisturizer after washing. Repeat the process until you get the desired result. And stop wearing earrings until the ear hole size gets reduced.

2. Oil Massage to stop your earlobes hang
With age, skin tends to lose elasticity and moisture. Therefore making it prone to drooping and sagging. The earlobe skin is no different. Consistent pressure on ear piercing makes the holes to stretch and lobes to hang. This problem can be treated by regular application of olive, jojoba or coconut oil. These oils provide enough moisturization to the skin and prevent it from further drooping.
Take a cotton bud and dip it in some olive oil. Now apply the oil to the ear hole on the ear lobes. Massage gently for some time and let it dry out. To get visible results to follow this remedy every day.

3. Honey to Reduce the Ear Hole Size
Honey is a natural blessing to mankind. It is filled with a lot of goodness and can be used to treat various problems related to skin. It is equally effective in healing the stretched piercing earlobe holes. In addition to this, it also removes the dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation. 
-       Take some honey
-        Apply it on the drooped lobes using your wet fingers
-        Gently massage and let it sit for some time.
-        Wash it with plain water.
4. Reduce Earring Hole With Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is enriched with the goodness of natural astringent that can help ear lobes from drooping. Dip a cotton ball in some witch hazel extract.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar for healing oversize ear hole
Apple cider vinegar can be very effective in reducing the size of the ear hole naturally. It kills bacteria and can treat any type of scar present near your ears.
oak cotton in some apple cider vinegar. Now apply this to your ear holes and let it dry out for some time.

6. Aspirin Tablets for Stretched Ear Holes
Your stretched holes in the ear can be effectively treated with aspirin tablets. This might sound strange but it actually works. You can see visible results in few days of using this remedy. Now add water to the powder of aspirin to make a paste. Apply this paste to your earhole with the help of a bud. To get visible results to use this remedy every day.

7. Bicarbonate Soda
Bicarbonate soda can work like a wonder to treat a stretched ear lobe. Mix hydrogen peroxide to some bicarbonate soda to form a paste. Apply this paste and let it dry out for some time. Then wash your ear lobes with plain water. Use moisturizer to avoid dryness.
8. Moisturize Your Ear Lobes
Applying moisturizer to the stretched ear lobe can make it soft and prevent any kind of infection. So moisturizing your ear lobes several times a day can reduce big earring holes size naturally.
You can get the desired result within 3 to 4 weeks. But remember not to wear earrings during this time.
9. Stop Ear Hole Stretching With Hemorrhoids Cream
Hemorrhoid's cream works well to help you recover your drooping piercing problem. Its application helps reduce the build up scar tissues due to the stretching. It is an effectively remedy to repair the lost tissues.

10. Keep Your Ear Lobes Clean
Clean your ear lobe with an antiseptic solution to keep it clean. Regular cleaning can prevent infections that can lead to drooping.

Conclusion: these are some of the effective and natural home remedies to ear hole repair without surgery. Try these treatments and you will get visible results in no time. But do not wear heavy earrings while following these remedies.

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