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Follow easy home remedies to remove dark spots on face..

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What we do not do to enhance the beauty of the face.  Buying the most expensive products.  Everyone's wish is to keep the glow of his face forever.  While we all know that the effect of scented and unnatural products lasts only as long as we keep using them.  As soon as we stop applying them on the face, the dark spots on the face come back again.  Then everyone's pocket does not allow to buy such expensive products.  In such a situation, I miss the lessons given by the mother and the home remedies given by her.  they also have the opposite effect. Does not happen.  All you have to do is include them in your daily routine and you will feel the difference in a few days.  Let us know how these home remedies can easily remove dark spots on the face.                                
What Are Dark Spots?

 These are also called hyperpigmentation or melasma.  It is usually caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.  Sometimes, even sun tan cream or tan removal does not work for them.  In fact, our skin gets its color from the pigment-producing cells, which is called melanocytosi  Melanin is produced only by melanocyte  When these cells start getting damaged, they start producing more melanin in certain parts of the skin.

 Types Of Dark Spots.

 Today's self-supporting girls do not care whether they are fair or black.  It is because of having a beautiful skin.  Sometimes even makeup is not able to hide the dark spots.  Although it does not reduce their beauty, but when it comes to their confidence, it definitely has an effect.  Especially because of the dark spots.  This is such a problem, which sometimes also shows your poor health.  Do you want to get rid of this problem of yours, if yes then first know what it is?  And what kind of dark spots do you have?  Then take the treatment accordingly.

 1. Melasma

 Melasma or chloasma is pigmentation that occurs deeper in the dermis of the skin.  It appears as large brown patches on the face.  It is most common in women.  This is often caused by hormonal changes.  These hormonal changes are mostly caused by birth control pills or fertility enhancing drugs.

 2. Lentigines

 This problem is caused due to sun tanning.  It can also be prevented by daily use of sun tanning cream.  Actually, due to being mostly in the sun, there is a blackness in the face.  If this is not taken care of, it takes the form of pigmentation.  These spots [4] can occur anywhere on the body.  May be light brown or black in colour.  It depends on how the ultraviolet rays of the sun fall on these melanin pigments.  These can develop into skin cancer and melanoma.

 3. Pimple marks

 Commonly, acne is also caused by an upset stomach.  People with oily skin also get acne.  Some get better with age, but some people live longer.  Many pimples are watery, after which they break out, they leave marks.  And.  Many pimples are pus, which also causes pain.  With time, they get better, but there are pits and dark spots on the skin.  These dark spots do not come off easily.                                                                                                                                     

Causes Of Dark Spots.       

 These dark spots on the skin fade the complexion of our face [2].  Skin lightening products are also available in the market, which claim to make your face fair and blemish free.  But using them continuously can prove to be dangerous for the face.  Sometimes dark spots on the face also occur due to allergies, acne or hormonal imbalance.  These patches can be large or small.

 Other Possible Reasons Behind Dark Spots.

 If the face itself gets spoiled, then the confidence of the person also starts decreasing.  He reduces contact.  Then the changing lifestyle is also affecting our diet.  Probably, that's why every third woman can see the problem of dark spots on her face.

 1. Hormonal imbalance

 To understand the imbalance of hormones in the body, you have to understand your diet and lifestyle.  Irregular periods in women can be one of the reasons for this.  Due to problems like PCOD, thyroid, fibroids and cysts, dark spots occur on the face.It is known to all that how important 8 hours of sleep is for us, if we do not get enough sleep then we become irritable.  It creates immense tension within us.  Bad hormones start leaking in the body, which make us unhealthy.  Gradually its effect starts showing on the face. For women who have problems conceiving, doctors give hormone medicines, which increase the amount of estrogen.  At the same time, excessive consumption of steroid drugs can also cause hormonal problems.


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