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Important of sports.

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1) Important of sports

If we look at the history for a few moments or throw light on the life of a successful person, we see that name, fame and wealth do not come easily.  It requires perseverance, regularity, patience, and most importantly some physical activity i.e. Sports are the best way to engage in regular physical activities.History tells that, only domination (fame) is the power to rule over a nation or an individual.

 importance of sport

 Sports is the best way to indulge in physical activity, which is very beneficial.  Sports are given a lot of importance in many countries, because they know the real benefits of sports in a person's life and its need in personal and professional life. It means a lot to him and his life.  The game holds great opportunities for the players at the national and international level.  In some countries, sports and sports  activities are organized on certain occasions, events and festivals, for example;  The Olympic Games are organized to show respect to the Olympiads of Ancient Greece.  Sports play a very important role in everyone's busy life, especially in the lives of students.  Even, out of the whole day, at least for a short time, everyone should actively participate in sports.  Sports is very important because, it brings physical and mental wellness in a person who is involved in sports regularly.  People who have a busy routine, they get tired very easily and quickly.  As we all know, we all need a healthy mind and a healthy body to lead a relaxed and comfortable life.

2) Conclusion

 Similarly, in order to have a healthy body and mind, one must indulge in any kind of physical activity, for which sport is the best way. Sports is a very good physical activity which provides relief from stress and anxiety.  It provides a good future and a field of professional life for the players.  It has the ability to give the players the name, fame and money they need.  So, we can say that, one can play for personal gain as well as professional gain.  In both ways, it benefits our body, mind and spirit. Sports and Sports Values

 Some people play regularly for the health of their body and mind, pleasure etc.

 Some outdoor or field sports are football, hockey, volleyball, baseball, cricket, tennis, kho-kho, kabaddi, etc., which require a field to play.  Indoor games are carrom, playing cards, chess, table tennis, puzzle, etc., which can be played at home without any ground.

 Sports and benefits of sports

 Sports and sports are very beneficial for us as they teach us punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork and perseverance. Involvement in sports activities, helps us to be safe from many diseases.  It provides us physically fit and mental comfort, so that we can deal with all the problems easily.


 Involving in sports activities is beneficial for a person in many ways. help in improving physical health and mental wellness.  However, some indoor games such as;  Mind games, chess, sudoku etc. increase the level of our mental power and ability to concentrate. Introduction

 Sports and sports are physical activities which help in skill development of competitive nature.  Typically, two or more groups compete with each other for entertainment or for a reward.  There is a need to promote sports activities for both women and men, as it boosts the physical, mental health, financial condition of a person.  Sport brings speed and activity to the way human beings work.

3) Role of sport in health, wealth and nation building.

 The importance and role of sport cannot be overlooked by anyone, as it is indeed a very important topic.  People can get involved in sports activities for their personal growth as well as professional development.  It is great for both boys and girls to build a good body. 

 The two most important advantages of the game;  Have good health and a calm mind.  The students are the youth of the country, and they can get more benefited by the sports activities.  They can become more disciplined, healthy, active, punctual and can easily cope with any difficult situation in personal and professional life.  Involvement in sports regularly helps in recovering from anxiety, stress and nervousness easily.

 It improves the physiological functions of the body parts and thus, positively regulates the functions of the whole body.  It helps in maintaining the health of the body and thus the mind or mind remains peaceful, sharp, and active with better concentration.  It increases the strength and energy level of body and mind.


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