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Face pack to brighten skin tone.

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Face pack to brighten skin tone: If we talk about beauty, the first thing that comes to our mind is the fair face.  But not everyone's skin is fair.  In such a situation, whenever people with dark complexion see a fair complexion, they think that I wish our skin was also like this.  If your complexion is dark then you do not need to be sad.  With the help of some packs, you can fair your complexion.  This pack lightens the complexion of your skin, but it also brings glow on your face.  With this, you can get rid of other skin problems like black heads, pimples, acne etc.  And its special thing is that you do not have to spend any money in this.  Presenting at home it is possible to make packs in your own hands from Chejo.  Here are some face packs that make your skin fair.

 1. Almond oil Applying almond oil regularly makes your face sparkle.  This is a very good face pack for dry skin people.  Actually, almond oil creates heat in your skin, which improves blood flow.  The more blood flow is better, the more your skin will look glowing.  Apply almond oil regularly at night, leave it and wash the face with gram flour.  If you do not want to use almond oil, you can also use almond paste.  For this, soak 4 to 5 almonds for overnight and make a paste the next day.  Mix this paste in the cream and keep it on the face for 15 minutes.  Then wash the face with normal water.  This mask will make your skin fair or it will also make your skin soft.  

2. Turmeric pack: Take 2 teaspoons of raw milk in a bowl and add half teaspoon lemon juice, half teaspoon turmeric and half teaspoon gram flour.  Mix the pure moisture well and apply on the face.  Leave it for 15 minutes or till it becomes dry.  Now wash your face with water and clean it with wet cotton cloth.  This is the best face pack for fairness

 3. Pack of Besan Besan also lightens your skin tone and makes your skin glow.  For better results, mix cream in gram flour or apply it on your face.  If you want, you can also add curd and a little turmeric to it.  

4. Orange Peel Face Pack Orange peel powder is easily available in the market and if you want, you can make it at home too.  To make it, dry the orange peel in sunlight.  After drying, grind its peel finely in a mixer.  Isca powder is not soft at all, it is a little painful.  Take 1 teaspoon orange peel powder and mix curd in it.  It will become a thick paste.  Use thickened curd to avoid curd falling, otherwise it will keep heating up.  Apply the mask to the small face around the eyes and leave it for 15 minutes.  Now wash your face with cold water.  You will see the difference yourself, your face has become fair and glow has also come in it.

 5. Sandalwood pack When it comes to face pack, then how can the name of sandal pack remain?  This is a very good face pack to make the skin fair.  Sandal cools your skin, it does not cause acne problem.  It is a very good pack for oily skin.  Put a little rose water in sandal powder for banana and apply it on the cleansed face.  Leave your face till it becomes dry and then wash the face with normal water.  6. Strawberry and Honey Pack This is a great pack to lighten your skin tone.  Its special thing is that it is good for all skin types.  You can also use it on a regular basis to refine the beauty.  Here comes the way to make whitening face pack.  First of all, mash some strawberries and make a thick paste and mix milk and household in it.  Now apply this pack on the face or neck and leave it for 20 minutes.  Afterwards wash off with cold water.  [Up your go to Face Pack for Skin Lightening.  You can also shine the color of your face by applying these masks.  These are all made from pack household items.  This is not a loss of any kind.


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