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Artificial intelligence

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Top countries are trying to make a healthy and nice environment for human being. For this purpose, many resources are going through and many are under expert. Many types of the experimental procedures have been conducted by the developed countries of the world. Today the whole world is looking like a small family. The people are enjoying their life using these technologies given by the scientists. There are numerous technologies which is helpful for the humanity. Today the desable person is not criticizing their life. They are using technology or the devices developed by the science. For example, if a man is not able to hear with his own ear. He or she can use 
Hearing device for this purpose. The  neck of human  being has a hard bulge which is situated near the larynx. Whenever the people eat something, it looks as it is shaking. This particular part of the human body is known as the vocal box. These two types of vocal cords of human being tries to make a narrow passage. When the man speak anything, the lungs which is having air in it, puss the air out through the narrow passage, Due to which the vocal cords start vibrating. This gives sound. So by opening the vocal box it possible to produce sound. People wants to get better income and better life standard. And so they are using technology more and more. The artificial intelligence is a technic through which the man can easily insert the intelligence in the robot🤖🤖.

The robot known as Sophia is a robot using artificial intelligence and it can show love or the other human feeling like laughing and sad. The robot is able to make food for another man. This is not avilable for common people.  But in future it may be available for people for their personal uses.

Basically the whole world is looking for further development. For example, the development of the country depends upon the lifestyle of the citizens as well as the the attacking power of the relative country.
If the country is not able to make a environment for the citizens to feel that the government is able to provide protection from enemies, then this is a big failure of the govering government. So, the country has designed several companies to work on artificial intelligence. The pressure of the government on the companies is  to develop a machine that can perform various works on time, as Well as the machine will become a better decisions maker. Today enemies countries are  trying to get better income and better defence system. In this direction, several types of experts are doing great to fulfill the needs and requirements of the government and civil services. Generally the Thinking of people is that the materials management can be done by the human body only. But there are several examples, where the robot were used in the critical situations. Such as in hospital, the robot were used for taking care of the patients.

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