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6 future opportunities after English Honours (Part 1)

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Career in private tuition - Nowadays every student needs a perfect and skilled teacher to learn perfect English so that the student can move forward without any problem. Poverty or unemployment can never touch you if you can be the master of this subject and you don't need to invest any excessive amount to get success. Everyone agrees to pay a good amount to the teacher if they get their results.

Assistant professor in college -  If you are looking for a secured as well as a honorable profession, you can do Masters in English literature and can try to become a professor. If you have the potential to sum up all your study and if you love to teach other people, you should pursue English literature for B.A. and then go for M.A.; To be an assistant professor, you just need to have the in-depth knowledge of English literature, it is not so tough as people think. Good learning gives the best way.

Career in YouTube - Not all students want to go into the general professions,  sometimes students want to go for off-beat professions and nowadays YouTube is one of those. Students who have their own unique ideas and determination and also wants to be famous by a good path, they can pursue English honors. This subject helps you to make your ideology more powerful so that you can be able to think your contents in a more unique manner. And you can upload your lectures on YouTube regarding the topics of English Honors to make others understand the contexts.

Career as an author - Every generation has the craze to read the books or eBooks of different writers and a few of them wants to be author but their planning does not get successful because they have not that much of knowledge to write a book. In English honors, students need to read most of the literary terms, devices, tactics which can help the students to arrange their own writings and make them different from other freshers in the writing field.

Guest lecturer in college -  Students can earn quite a good amount of money as well as fame and respect just after graduating in English literature. They can be guest lecturers in different colleges and this profession will give them an opportunity to nurture their own studies better. Students can take up this profession for practice also so that they can one day become assistant professors.

Career in content writing - The world cannot go on without writings and as English literature helps students to expand their knowledge and also informs them each strategy to present the contents beautifully, students can easily turn their writing hobby into a fruitful profession. The best part is the students learn everything in English language and the world needs most of the contents in English so the students of English literature can work as a freelance content writer with other countries also.

I will write about other opportunities in my next blog. 


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