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Adapting to a multinational work force

Blog by Saiyid Safdar Abbas Zaidi connectclue-author-image

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When we look around our work force, we see people from different cultures and nationalities? In order to work together we need to have respect for diversity. Being culture sensitive does not mean that we have to give up our principle s and beliefs .On the contrary it is to recognize the cultural differences ,to adapt to them and use them for achieving organizational goals and objectives s successfully.

Behavioral Tips
  • Build teams that include  employees from various cultures and nationalities .Build on the strengths and work  styles of each team member. 
  • Establish a climate  where employees  feel comfortable  being themselves .This  includes speaking  one's own language 
  • In cultures  where status is  related to age, seniority or gender, try to appoint   supervisors/managers  that would fit local local expectations
  • In   large groups ,where all speak  Arabic comfortably ,suggest Arabic as the language  of use.However individuals  should be free to use their own language  when helpful for  clear communications This information  should be translated back into Arabic for the larger group
  • When Arabic speaking  customers  are present ,foreign  language  conversation s between employees are best avoided .This is also true of Arabic language conversations going on  when foreign  language speaking customers  are present  
  • Men and women  ,white and blacks  Arabs and non-Arabs,. ,middle class  and working-class people are different  but they are not as much different as they are alike .An appreciation  and acceptance  of commonalities and differences  are essential to an effective  working relationship
  • Remember Different does not mean "wrong"

(Written in the Backdrop of Arabic speaking places like Dubai where I worked. would be relevant to any multicultural/multinational places)

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