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Various services required by tourists

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Various   services   required by Tourists
1.     Eating joints  and bars: -  Different types of eating joints cater to the tourists. These range from restaurants and tea stalls to Dhabas and fast food counters. Local cuisine is generally  popular with the tourists because they prefer to eat the local food of the particular destination. Thus one should not just initiate western foods or joints but also give due importance to local goods and customs related to it.

2.     Entertainment  and recreation: - Entertainment is an essential component in tourism. On an average foreign tourists in India spend about 10% of their total expenditure on entertainment. The tourists are provided entertainment through various means specially at night or in the evening. This may include dance, theater , movies, theme dinner and musical evening etc. Similarly many hotels organize musical nights or dance performances during the tourist season. Another recent development is the organizing of short duration entertainment festivals by some State tourism departments like the Qutub festival in Delhi or Taj festival at Agra.

3.     Communication: - As tourists are away from their homes and work environment so they may want to communicate back home with family members or friends etc. Thus they need communication services like post office and public call booths . In recent years the number of STD / ISD booths have gone up to take care of such demands.

4.     Book shops and libraries: - Tourists want to read books during the long journey or just to relax themselves. That is the reason we see various book stalls at airports , railway platforms and bus stands.

5.     Photography: - One of the most popular services at destination is that of photographers. Tourists not only like to be photographed in the surroundings but also in the costume and attire of the region they visit. In almost all the hill stations we come across photographers with local dresses and tourists generally change into that attire and for a snap.


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