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Menu Planning For Busy Families

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Many families have never set menus. They go to the store because they do not think about what they need to buy. Is anyone surprised that there is always nothing in the house to eat? By the time I go to the store with no menus and no rainy weather, I come back with chips and tidbits that cost $ 50 and a little more. The next day I went back to the store again, trying to decide what to eat for dinner.

Menu setting is by no means a problem. It looks like it requires some investment, but it ultimately saves time on a pointless trip to the store, and the daily skepticism of what is intended for dinner. I usually plan 5 dinners in the evening, in addition to overnight and regular dinner nights. I don't usually know ahead of time what party to eat for a casual evening, but I do have 5 dinner items available. When the kids were empty, Friday was pizza and movie nights. When I came back every Friday, I found pizzas and videos. It was a dignified way to get rid of the extremely weird church.

Edit menus do not need to be customized. By the time I finish my double-baked meal this week due to a larger schedule, the extra free meal goes to the highest point in the coming weeks. Obviously, the perishable is eaten first.

Interesting points when editing weekly menus:

1. Week after week exercise. On Tuesday and Thursday they are very busy due to the practice of the ball, I always plan an extremely fast party, a thriving pot dinner or an outing. Usually, I don't really design the output, it just happens.

2. Cooking time is required. Think of the perfect cooking time, but moreover the cooking times of each meal. You need dishes that don't need to be considered at the same time. If the chance that my official meal needed a lot of thought at the last minute, I would serve a plate of mixed vegetables or vegetables made in front of it.

3. Plate bid. In the event that food does not look good, no one is interested. This doesn't mean you need to install the plate as a professional consistently; it means you have to think about what the dishes will look like when they are arranged. Think of the feast: Country Fried Steak with White Gravy, Peeled Potatoes, and Cauliflower. Your plate would be white, white, and white. Not overly involved. If you happen to turn vegetables into green beans and carrot seeds, the plate is now clear and attractive. Obviously, you will choose your favorite food sources, but try to think of different types of food together on a plate as you plan.

4. In the same way, you would not need Fried Chicken and Fried Squash and Fried Okra. While I love these dishes, it's an exaggeration of Fried! I think the only release from this will be Fish and Chips, but great, choosing a variety of preparation techniques within dinner.

5. Think about the weather and the temperature of the food. Hot soup is best shared on a cool day. It doesn't really involve August in the South.

6. Think about which vegetables and side dishes add to the official meal. There are other common top options such as pineapple or yam with ham. In any case, you do not need to be restricted in these decisions. Break new ground regularly.

7. Food costs. At a time when I am looking for meat, here and there the cost per pound is staggering. Anyway, I found out how I estimate the cost per operation as opposed to the cost per pound. Then the more expensive meat per pound is the best buy because it produces the most deliveries. In the event that cost reduction is important to you, really plan your menus ahead of time, using the contract form as an assistant. Arrange the omelets overnight, preparing the most expensive items for a different evening.

8. Integration. Desire to discover something new often, or have a vegetarian dinner, or an international dinner. Try not to let your deals get tired.

At the time of your preparation, then go to the store for a shopping show, you will see that you are moving away from the unwanted exit to the store during the week and thus setting aside money.

Tip: When I organize my menus, I name each one on a 3 by 5 file card. On the back of this card I write a shopping list for this deal. Write these cards for each type in the record box. (I know these are outdated, but I love them. You can do the same with a PC document.) After a while you will have a pre-determined determination. I re-use the cards, simply pick out what dinners I need and make the first line of the store, or take a cardboard box with me to the store and pick my favorite drinks while looking at the meat route. For example, pork ribs are special, so I look at my cards that include pork ribs and use the back shopping list to finish my dinner.

Use these tips to prepare and save time for the most important things and individuals in your day to day.


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