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Seek Out Thai Bamboo Bistro

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Two or three months have passed between our visits to the Thai Bamboo Bistro, and this time, when we stopped for the third time, we knew more.

Sometimes, more details are dangerous and not enough to persuade you not to return to the restaurant.

Not now.

Our first visit was mid-year on Monday. We were in front of the lunch break, our baby was somehow silenced, so we put ourselves at risk of the spot we saw at the new Quail Hill Village market in Irvine, not far from where San Diego (405) and Santa Ana (5) Freeways met. in an area focused on Orange County, California.

The center jumped into the shadow of Shady Canyon's superstitions apparently all night. It's too far - don't just appear on.

It's one of those new focal points with all-encompassing surroundings: anchor grocery grosz on one side, Starbucks on the other, affordable casual food and quick cafes easily available in between. This was somewhat different - part of the invention was not so common, and it created the impression that Irvine Co. it put itself at risk and hired other non-founding managers, too.

We wandered into the bistro, and within 10 minutes, the private area was packed. Fully, we quickly changed our request to go down, touching our man now who did not move a very young man to the richest release we had in months.

Wilderness curry with chicken ($ 12) was smooth and smooth (we requested green curry; yellow and red available). Fire lemon chicken ($ 12) was healthy and fresh. Traditional cushion that ($ 11) - custom for my best part - with a delicious aroma and freely separated from shrimp, egg, tofu and noodles.

With that line, we came back, this time to have dinner, without the baby.

Once again, the restaurant was crowded, but then it was a short smashing lunch smash. Once again, the dinner was a bit embarrassing: very green curry and cushion that - we are the animals of the trend.

We've got a cool, modern room with a bunch of bamboo that enhances your contacts. With the help of energy producers (however deals can be seen at the speed of sleep, an announcement in the new cooked kitchen). Plus, with an amazing new fix, delivered by the light sauces.

The chef advertises almost every day, one of the managers Jade Tam advised me. Sometimes the basic, sometimes the forte store, the market for ranchers.

After that, at that moment, all things considered, life stopped us for a few months, until I spoke to director Amy Lam.

While we were visiting about the expansion programs and showing lessons, Amy asked, "Do you know Julie and Pat?"

Indeed, I said, we go to their wedding in a day.

"We haven't seen them in a while," Amy sang. Julie warned that they would lose some time, something about fasting before marriage.

I can see Julie's desire to eat and restaurants good enough that this little bit of data - that she and Pat used to be good friends - advised me to go back there, right now.

We are also fascinated by the new flavor. We started with a Thai bamboo sampler starter ($ 14), a combination of four from the menu (spring rolls, summer rolls, chicken and hamburger satay, and gold packs - solid wontons tied as small Gold Rush-period gems ).

Our shrimp in zesty mango sauce ($ 16) was delicious, yet invisible. We've written more from the usual cushion thai, please form the "new release" form (egg noodles than rice noodles. $ 11).

It will not be a big delay for our next dinner here.

Last updated: Nov 25, 2021


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