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Change Your Eating Habits And Super Boost Your Intelligence Quotient

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Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk by? Is your score on the IQ test too low? You may not feel as strong or as fast as before or you may not be able to remember commonly used words. This does not have to be an uncontrollable situation. You can eat certain foods that will help increase your cognitive ability, clear your brain and make you think faster.

After that, you think you need to build your level of comprehension (and your IQ - your score on the IQ test) at the most important level read the data provided below. It will help you clear your cerebrum and you will have a lot of thinking power and the ability to get high scores on IQ tests. Your memory likewise depends on your eating patterns.

Fish Oil

In any case, these days fish are highly contaminated with mercury and harmful substances, so I would not recommend fish that should be used. All things being equal, I recommend that I eat fish oil. It contains oils that contain DocasaHexanenoic Acid and is beneficial to the brain and acts as a protective framework.

A large part of our mind contains fat and that oil may be DocasaHexanenoic Acid or Arachidonic corrosive. Arachidonic corrosive is found in natural dairy products such as margarine and DocasaHexanenoic Acid is found mainly in fish and no other plant or herb.

Use fish oil that is wonderfully acceptable and in good condition. I did research and had a clinic with patients, which shows the corresponding patterns.

1. The water type of fish oil is obviously better than the cases.

2. Not all products are acceptable

3. Carlson's image is the most complete of all modern forms today.

It may not be the only product that is particularly acceptable, but so far I have run it many times and found that Carlson's image is very good in terms of fish or cod liver oil. You can find this product at Mercola.com or at any other social media store near your home.


There is nothing that can be done at any time with food that can provide us with fresh vegetables. Alzheimer's is known to occur due to a deficiency of folic corrosive (raw vegetables are very rich in it). Similarly, there are many different substances, cell concentrations, and phytochemicals that are given to vegetables and can help keep our minds sharp.

The most straightforward way to eat vegetables is to get ready to squeeze the vegetables consistently.

In any case, your digestive system is an important factor in choosing everything you need to burn everything. For example, if you are a type of metabolic protein, you do not need to eat vegetables. You can have a part of what is often suggested. That is for the growth of the type of protein, one can eat a large portion of a pound of vegetables and this will suffice.

If you happen to be a type of protein in your diet you should have low potassium vegetables like beans. Lettuces and common eating habits such as collard greens have a high potassium content and can cause chemical imbalances. Plus, if you happen to have a metabolic type you also don?t have to bother using too much vegetable juice. The type of sugar the body will benefit from in the event of burning a lot of vegetables such as collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, etc. This is not recommended for protein types.

I recommend natural foods I think you need to get very nutritious information, but in case you can't get it, don't leave any hypocrisy of eating vegetables in general. Eating vegetables in any composition, natural or not is acceptable and it is best not to have them in your separation by any extension.

The best hotspot for a great meal is the whole raw egg. So it makes sense especially for all. Especially for people who do not have enough protein. You may have a problem at first eating it, but it will be too much for your well-being, in case you eat a raw egg. Boiled or boiled eggs will not bring something like that, so if you cook a little egg where you will feed it.


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