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Power of Information Analytics and AI

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The Power of information Analytics and AI

Altair allows organizations worldwide to contend a lot of effectively by operationalizing knowledge analytics and AI with secure, governed, and ascendable ways. we have a tendency to deliver first, self-service analytics solutions for knowledge preparation, prognostic modeling, stream process, visual image and a lot of. With a no-code, cloud-ready interface, organizations will harness the complete power of analytics and AI throughout its complete knowledge lifecycle, driving next-level business results.

Operationalize Your knowledge and AI

To better perceive your processes, customers, and merchandise, your team should collaboratively generate and share data-driven insights across the organization. Our solutions area unit designed for several completely different ability sets: from knowledge scientists and engineers to MLOps specialists to business analysts to executives. With a no-code, cloud-ready interface, we have a tendency to deliver the powerful capabilities organizations ought to harness the complete power {of knowledge of information} analytics and AI throughout the whole data pipeline.

Altair knowledge Analytics allows organizations to operationalize knowledge analytics and AI with secure, governed, and ascendable ways.

AI-powered style

Advancements within the fields of AI and machine learning (ML), combined with the exaggerated accessibility of strong simulation, testing, and field knowledge sets has created engineering knowledge science a crucial element of the fashionable development lifecycle. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) increased by AI is giving makers the flexibility to get ML-guided insights, explore new solutions to advanced style issues through physics and AI-driven workflows, and succeed larger product innovation through collaboration and style convergence.

Data Transformation

As associate degree trade leader with over thirty years of expertise in knowledge discovery and transformation, binary star offers the quickest and easiest method to extract knowledge from troublesome, semi-structured knowledge like PDFs, spreadsheets and text files, yet as from huge knowledge and different structured sources. whether or not knowledge is on premises or within the cloud, binary star will automatize preparation tasks ? releasing you up to pay time on value-add activities, not on mundane, repetitive, and fallible tasks.

Machine Learning and AI

Altair's machine learning and AI solutions quickly get to the granular, low-latency knowledge that contain the insights you're making an attempt to uncover. Delivering transparency and automation with options like Auto ML and interpretable AI, we have a tendency to contour model building thus longer are often spent analyzing and results are often sure. Our versatile no-code approach doesn't prohibit however models area unit organized and tuned, supplying you with management over model building.

Data visual image

Connect on to just about any knowledge supply to make analytical dashboards with a no-code drag-and-drop to share throughout the organization. binary star metallic element visual image tools change organizations to perform visual analysis on giant sets of historical knowledge. Utilizing binary star streaming analytics tools groups will build quick, absolutely au courant selections primarily based fast-changing measure, sensor, group action, and mercantilism knowledge.

Data Analytics and AI operating for You

Financial Services

Altair's 30-year history operating with monetary service organizations means that we have a tendency to perceive however analytics will assist you within the areas of risk mitigation, restrictive oversights, new client engagement channels, operational insight, and more.


With the required certification to work on government networks, Altair's no code, self-service analytics solutions change folks of all ability levels in government agencies to use knowledge to resolve for security, logistics, and policy-based use cases.


Altair's knowledge analytics solutions facilitate cut back attention IT complexities and add efficiencies in areas like claims / compensation process, revenue cycle management, ability, patient adherence and satisfaction analysis, and medical practitioner performance analysis.


Altair will facilitate insurers adopt the correct data-driven technology within the age of digital transformation to confirm a efficient approach to claims process, business improvement, fast fraud detection, risk and loss assessment, and client retention.


The Industrial web of Things (IIoT) goes full throttle ? increasing property, generating knowledge, and unlocking potential. binary star is aware of the way to make the most of this knowledge to fuel innovation, drive new opportunities, and accelerate your good producing transformation


Altair's data analytics solutions change wireless, cable, and different phone company suppliers to drive retention, increase billfold share and market reach, anticipate fraud, and optimize resources and network investments.

Last updated: Oct 21, 2021

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