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Last updated: Oct 13, 2021


Routine for festive season for healthy and glowing skin


6 Step attention Routine For festive  Season to urge a Healthy, Glowing And refulgent Skin

Basics of cleansing, toning, sun protection, and moisturisation do wonders to the skin and will not be forgotten. Dr. Pravin Banodkar, authority medical specialist, Skin Crest Clinic, Saifee Hospital shares a simple attention routine that you simply will follow this gala season

India could be a country of pageants and also the festival season is simply round the corner. Festivals square measure the days once there's happiness and moments shared along with family and friends. individuals place their best dresses and what enhances that's the most effective attention routine.

Skincare routine before the festivals brings the most effective out of you as someone in terms of confidence and helps to feature to an excellent glow on your skin and also the gala atmosphere.

A attention routine is that the most significant key step to attain a healthy-looking glow on the skin. Basics of cleansing, toning, sun protection, and moisturization do wonders to the skin and will not be forgotten.

Oil cleansing method: do this natural, organic skin care technique to urge glowing skin


This is the foremost vital step. It ought to be done double each day. If the skin is extremely oily and vulnerable to exposure to mud, it ought to be washed double each day while not fail. If it's terribly dry, then laundry it once each day is adequate. Avoid excess face wash because it will cause status and sensitivity to your skin.

Using a delicate sensitive cleaner is ideal which may be alternated with associate exfoliative cleaner on different days.

This helps in maintaining a balance within the skin and preserves the natural skin barrier.

There square measure variety of face washes with anti-oxidants like Glutathione, Vitamin C, and plenty of different skin lightening agents which may be further in an exceedingly management double per week or maybe daily betting on the skin sensitivity. They add the magic of brightness to the skin.

If you have got acne-prone skin, then victimization smart exfoliating cleansers that contain alpha hydroxyl radical acids and beta chemical group acids may be employed in a restricted manner to scale back the skin disease flare and cleanse the oil off the skin surface.


Alcohol-Free Toners square measure the most effective and will be used if you have got skin disease or oil-prone skin. Toners ought to be avoided if you have got a dry skin kind.


With the rise in on-line exposures to laptops, mobiles there's a rise within the infra-red radiations, and these additionally to the actinic ray cause skin harm and increase tan and pigmentation on the skin.

The use of a physical block ointment or a actinic ray filter ointment will work okay in reducing the tan and conjointly adds to the skin health in an exceedingly positive method. Sunscreens square measure out there with the further ingredients of glutathione and ascorbic acid and add addition to reducing the tan or pigment on the skin. This helps to feature that further glow throughout the gala season.


This is a awfully vital step because the use of makeups throughout the gala seasons, the utilization of exfoliating treatments, face washes, chemical peels, and lasers in serious trouble the face to slow down the face tan cause status of the skin. They disturb the skin barrier and wish to be balanced with the right moisturizer. Use of nourishment E-based, ceramide-based moisturizers work okay and add a glow to the skin by keeping the skin soft, plump, and hydrous.

Oral Anti-oxidants:

Vitamin C, Glutathione, Beta Carotene, and carotenoid square measure just some of the terribly well-known anti-oxidants out there that facilitate in adding a glow to the most effective attention routines. they are doing wonders in giving the support the skin must mirror lightweight from the skin.

They reverse the harm done to the skin by daylight, infra-red radiation, and pollution.

Glutathione is associate inhibitor found in human cells. Its work is to neutralize free radicals, boost the system, and detoxify the body. it's usually likely as a skin lightening agent within the body, because it converts animal pigment to a lighter color. In effect, it deactivates associate protein known as tyrosinase, that helps manufacture the animal pigment pigment. it's safe and works well in giving an excellent uniform tone to the skin within the oral pill or capsule kind. ascorbic acid is additionally a natural anti-oxidant that works okay in brightening up the skin. The higher than supplements square measure safe and might be taken for six months or on the far side.

Dermatology Aesthetic Procedures:

Lasers, blood platelet wealthy Plasma, Micro-needling, Chemical Peels, Mesotherapy, High intensity targeted ultrasound work okay in giving the further boost to the skin glow. they ought to be done by the medical specialist in an exceedingly timely and scientific manner. They add giving a long-run result on the skin in terms of reduced tan, brightness and adds to the gala mood of your skin. As dermatologists, we tend to perceive the skin and choose the correct treatment for the correct style of skin.

In a shell, the higher than line of attention routines could be a good way in giving yourself the most effective pre-festival gifts. These treatments ought to be started ideally round the gala corner thus as we tend to shift from one pageant to a different, the skin gets brighter and healthier. Best desires to all or any for an excellent year ahead and happy festivities!

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