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7 Office Wear Ideas For Women & How To NOT Dress Boring To Work

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If you're wondering how to avoid looking like a dull office worker at work, take a look at these beautiful Athena office wear for women. It can be difficult to look elegant and classy at the same time because we are afraid of wearing too plain clothing. If you're a businesswoman or a professional employee, a boss in a large corporation, or if you have a lot of meetings in a day, you should check out this amazing collection of business outfits. 

These work wear outfits for women are sure to make you smile, as they feature stunning work-appropriate looks in lovely silhouettes and elegant layers. I've got some hidden looks to share with you if you want to find out how to avoid dressing boring at work.

The Seven Must Try Looks For The Office

If, on the other hand, you find yourself running late three out of five days a week, buried in clothes that, to a mere mortal, would make killer outfits, but to you, they're all garbage, bringing out the fashion monster inside you, leaving you looking dumb in your underwear staring at piles, and I mean PILES of clothes, thinking Great! If you say, I have nothing to wear, I have two things to say to you. This post is for you your husband/boyfriend/roommate (who doesn't care for fashion) probably thinks you're nuts.

1. Go classy with black

As a result, the first suggestion is to go for formals for women. You may think it's the simplest style so far, but often women dress too conservatively. To make your look more interesting, add a statement piece. Bright shoes, a great purse, chunky watches, and bold make-up are all options. To put it another way, the devil is in the specifics.

2. Keep it casual with beige colour

We all love formal trousers for women, but we all know it's not necessary to wear it to work; however, what if you made it business casual? Try on a pair of jeans with a white blouse and a black blazer. Isn't it easy to do and very adaptable? You can dress it up with heels for a smart-feminine look. Remember to bring your professional bag and have fun with the accessories.

3. Look for a different combination

The next look is called careless cool, and it involves various style combinations, such as mixing biker and office classics, playing with curves by pairing slouchy and tailored clothes, or mixing femininity and masculinity. I adore seeing babes dressed in oxfords or brogues with Tomboy-inspired basics.

4.  A tomboy look

If Tomboy is too much for you, consider something more glamorous, such as sultry bright-colored dresses that are appropriate for both work and cocktail hours. Don't forget to accessorise with opulent shoes and gold jewellery. Rich fabrics, pencil skirts, silk blouses, and pricey accessories are all part of this look.

5. Play with your attitude 

Instead of dressing like an old-fashioned granny secretary, take a peek at these photos and plan your looks for the coming week. Your favourite look can be incorporated into your work style. Continue to play with your classic looks and modernise them with formal pants for women.

6. Wear a nice suit

The CASUAL business look, also known as the "can I wear jeans to work?" look, is actually quite simple and versatile. Wear heels, a smart/feminine top (think silky blouses, men's ties, tailored tops), a blazer, and a formal bag at all times. Depending on your profession, have fun with accessories, like shoes and bags.

7. Wear a kurti with jeans

If you want to keep it low profile then one of the best ways is to wear a kurti with a pair of blue jeans and you are all set to go. This will make you look your best without much effort. Go for a full sleeved kurti with a round neck and collars so that you look beautiful and slim with an elegant look. 


These are the top seven ways with the help of which you can look the best. Enjoy trying these looks on all seven days and your colleagues are surely going to envy your style. Just try them out and you will never fall short of ideas for getting ready for your office.  So what are u waiting for, if you are looking for the right platform to shop for a dress that will make you look beautiful then Athena Lifestyle is the right place to be at. 

Last updated: Oct 21, 2021

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