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A Yes? ~Ich Liebe Dich

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A Yes? Ich Liebe Dich

The book is a work of fiction inspired by true 
stories. The book wouldn't have shaped out well 
if it was written by one author, as the story 
demanded a Hindu guy and a Muslim girl to fulfil 
the emotions which were dealt with by true inter-caste couples. This book has given us a whole lot 
of different dimensions to perceive and learn 
while it was engaging to relive the incidents; 
enacting as the characters from the book.
It left us a grey effect as the manuscript ended as 
we wanted Naveenan and Aysha Banu's story to 
never stop with their magical pursuit. This book 
is written totally from our hearts and with no 
regrets left behind, we smile at each other and 
shake hands; we dedicate this book to us and 
every Inter-caste couple, Long Distance couple 
out there.

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I'm not a frequent reader ,either I haven't read any novels before but this book cover attracted me to read, the story which I can relate, kind the situations in the story which is relatable the conversations between are relatable. Must buy and experience the journey of the story.
I appreciate the thought and the way of narating the story. Honestly, I didn't read this book but by reading the abstract I will read this wonderful book.
Such a Mesmerizing story. This book is a must buy
Such a Mesmerizing story. This book is a must buy
Beautiful story. Must buy this book. It's available on amazon.

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