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corporate norms versus society norms

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Well, this is my first article and I want to share idea which is the personal perceptive. Corporate sector or industry which is the engine of development of any country. Without corporate sector a society can be exist. But a society without corporate (industry) is seem to be looking impossible or imperfections. Everyone work in the society.

Most of norms, habitual made by our societies changed by industry or broken the rules that made by human society and most of changed is beneficial to human beings or positive externalities on societies. Which effect is that large portion of population forcefully think to change norms, or changed thought on traditional rituals. I.e. in Indian societies a norms was popular female is not made for work in market. But when corporate sector comes gender inequalities is decrease very rapidly.

Many female work in market in a form of labor or white collar jobs. However, corporate societies break down bad norms of societies.  On the other hand in beginning or emerging the corporate sector many habitual or traditional that is good also in society point of view. Not good at least benefits or accepted by all groups of peoples. I.E. Families should be union.  Local festivals should be celebrated together. Everyone wants to works in locality (does not means start own business) but get a job in good corporate. A recent report I studied that an employed person is more productive in near house rather than work in far from home.

A well-known corporate sector whose business expend in all over country. Then a labor person should be employed their localities based on work and skills should be matched. So a marginal change can save the union families. There are so many examples which we can finds. Here my question is that if corporate sector breaks the bad norms of society but also break the good norms. How we can save the good norms in societies with nonexistence of caste or making the good norms into bad. Consistency is also bad for society. Because same pattern of behavior lead into norms and some groups of people hold this pattern that also leads discrimination or inequalities. So changes is good phenomena that also beneficial to different people in dynamic periods. A corporate sector should be ruled in dynamic ways transitional period. Which affects the behavior of person in some extent that also leads to make the suitable norms that beneficial to human and individual also. Or breaks the norms that harmful the both human as well as society.

Here the gap again arise who leads to whose. A society should also leads corporate social ethics, norms, responsibility etc. or vice-versa. Should also leads simultaneously? However there is factors that also helps to make a decision first change- change the pattern of  corporate sector ethics or responsibilities? sometimes should be tight or sometimes not its proceed in cyclical trend. , second development of sector in both industry and society if one sector grow fast than second sector depress automatically at least good ethics also which is not good for societies or industries both. Thirds is both simultaneous changes. Government also interfere in this affairs by making a law or institutional that also see the situations. But making a law is not always good for democratic countries.

Balbir Singh

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